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Kevin Wendy Schaefer Miles

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Artistsí Statement

We live to paint and paint to live. Sharing our lives on canvas; jointly producing finely detailed oil paintings of lush landscapes from our travels. We create true American landscape art and through our studio, have incorporated the techniques of the great master painters such as Rembrandt and Monet.

Together, we plan the drawing. Wendy with her spontaneous free spirit takes on a blank canvas with gusto. Wendy has been painting in oils since the age of nine. She uses brilliant color, a flittering brush stroke to develop the basic painting. Then Kevin adds the light, atmospheric color and detail to finish off the painting. Kevin studied Flemish Realism and Impressionism, to understand the use of a quick brush stroke.

Our paintings are a pure expression of our appreciation of Godís magnificent creation. The overflowing light that bathes our paintings creates a radiant beauty and embracing warmth. The use of atmospheric color, that is color altered by distance and atmospheric conditions, creates depth that allows you to walk the painting. This is our trademark. The signature path that appears in many of our pieces is a metaphor, for the journey we all take down the path of life.

We have dedicated our lives to painting the most beautiful places in the world. Recent expeditions have taken us to paint the glaciers of Alaska, the pristine waters of the Virgin Islands and the awesome grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. Sometimes we are quite content to paint in the gardens on our family farm in the Midwest as well.

We feel our job is to share our joy and passion for painting and nature with others. We love to speak in public and are constantly promoting the arts as the purest expression of the human spirit. If all the people of the world were busy creating they would have no time to destroy. We firmly believe that kindness, compassion, love and faith can and will prevail, and our mission to reflect the beauty of Godís natural world will continue to inspire.



Reflection of Light by Wendy Schaefer Miles


Seymour Gardens Poster with Title and Contact Info. To print type change Image size when ordering. by Kevin Wendy Schaefer Miles


Whitehall Christmas by Kevin Wendy Schaefer Miles


Path in a Dream by Kevin Wendy Schaefer Miles


Forest Intrigue by Kevin Wendy Schaefer Miles


Weekend At the Cabin by Kevin Wendy Schaefer Miles


Memories, Train Depot Whitehall WI by Kevin Wendy Schaefer Miles


My Mothers Garden by Kevin Wendy Schaefer Miles


Woodland Walk by Kevin Wendy Schaefer Miles


A World Away by Kevin Wendy Schaefer Miles